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for those who have already been here before, you will notice, that there are some graphics on it now!!! i found them on the clipart castle site and i will try to put a link on the bottom of this page... they have great stuff and all for FREE!, i could hardly believe it myself but it's true... for those of you who take this kind of service for granted - don't - give the guys some credit!

these are my stories.
Some in German, some in English.

They grew usually out of a background story for a character from "Role Playing Game". Upto now it's usually a fantasy environment, though there is one sci-fi one and one is actually a mixup between both genres.

It's a long time, since i have last worked on this site. I haven't written anything in ages - Eliah's story is still unfinished, but i still like it.


Warnung: Keine der Geschichten ist was für Kinder!!!

Warning: none of these stories are for kids!!!


Deutsche Geschichten:

Salara war die erste meiner Charaktere, die ich mit meiner jetzigen Rollenspielgruppe gespielt habe, das war irgendwann Anfang '94 glaube ich... Die Geschichte kommt in 2 Teilen:
und Homerun

 Alinija's Erzählung war auch so eine, die quasi an einem Abend entstanden ist... ist nicht gerade kurz, aber auch nicht so lang wie manche anderen.

N'Joshona habe ich nie gespielt, aber ich mag sie... auch zweiteilig. Da gibts ihre Erzählung,
und was wirkling geschah.....

  Taeko war ein Rollenspiel-Figur in einem "Babylon 5" Rollenspiel, die ein sehr starkes Eigenleben entwickelt hat... Warnung: diese Geschichte  ist ziemlich lang!!


English Stories:

This is one of the first stories (it's the character my son was named after!!) i started writing... it's been growing and changing for over nine years now, Corren.

This one is about Scijarad, he's the guy, i have told some of you about... Scijarad or Sid is a character i have created as for a campagne i have worked out as a Games Master (if you don't know what a Games Master is, check the Role Playing page...) There's two parts to the story so far

- Calling

- First Kill

Eliah Darkwood is the most recent of my characters and his story has a very powerful life of it's own... warning it's very emotional and violent.
i have modified the story, cut out the former "Talina Greenwood" part (which i also slightly modified), and changed the others. mainly Sylvana's bit.:

- Soren Barenson

- Sylvana Barenson

- Britta Barenson

- Cairn Nightwood

 Shiomi's story.

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updated February the 12th 2001
all stories are "copyright by scerijne"