Kincaid knows the gardens and ways to get off the estate unseen by the guards. Shiomi relaxes after a short while as he carries her through the adjacent fields. Her trembling subsides and her arms stop clinging, just holding on to him. Her head cradled against his neck, she's not looking where he carries her. The night is thick with moonlight, the chirps of insects and the distant noises of wild animals. They need not go far. There is a small river to the west, right at the edge of the jungle that is growing all the way up to the Escambray Mountains. He steps into the stream, water is rising to his knees, splashing against Shiomi's butt and legs. Startled she tightenes her grip, lifts her head anxiously looking around.

She can see is the dark shapes of massive trees, smaller bushes, the faint glow of white flowers, the glittering of the water. Loud it is, cascading over stones and broken off branches, tumbling and gushing. Kincaid wades upriver, carefully picking his way among the rocks. Unimpressed by the river's strong current, he covers his ground at a good pace. He carries her easily, one arm round her waist, the other holding her legs. Shiomi is exhausted like she never before felt in her life. She allows her head to rest on his shoulder again. It feels good to just let go, allow him to carry her not fighting, not caring where he takes her to. She closes her eyes again, breathes in his scent, her nose right on his neck, lips almost touching, dozing away...

Wakes as he shifts her weight, picking her up by the waist, lifting her up on some mossy rock. It takes her a moment to get her balance, stand on her weak legs all whilst he keeps his hands on her waist almost encircling her completely. When she's stable, he looses his grip, sliding his hands down the side of her hips, slightly tracing the curve of her buttocks, the outside of her legs. He's just a shadow in the darkness and when his hands leave her body she feels lost, sinks to a crouch and places her hands down on the moss for balance.
The constant splashing and gurgling of the rushing water dominates the night. Her eyes fix on the shadow of his shape climbing up the fall, till he is on her level, moonlight reflecting on his short cropped hair. There is a pool here formed from the water that's dammed up before cascading down the fall. Kincaid is soaking wet from climbing up the waterfall, his cloak soggy, clinging to his burly body. He has to wade over to where she's crouching on the mossy rock, water rising up to his hip. A wide smile on his coarse face as he looks at her, moonlight reflecting his grey eyes to silver.

Shiomi meets his gaze, for now she doesn't have to look up to him. Kincaid stops right in front of the mossy rock, rubs his left hand through his hair down to his neck, smiling broadly. Never before has she seen him so happy. She holds his probing gaze for a few heartbeats her breath cought, then averts her eyes, looking down, heat rising in her cheeks.
"Ahh ... no no, look at me my little bird", his voice slightly hoarse, his right hand reaching out for her chin, lifting it so she faces him again, his hand lingers, softly stroking her cheek, her neck, tracing down till he touches the fabric of the stolen shirt. Satisfied to have her eye again, Kincaid unfastens the wet claock, folds it up and places it on the rock next to her, all the while holding her eyes locked with his.
Shiomi's legs cannot hold the crouch anymore, they give way, she sinks on her knees, her small shape trembling. Her vision shrinks to his strange silver-grey eyes, feeling him sinking into her while drawing her inside out. No place to hide...
"Now, we need to wash you, and take these off... too much stink in them," he starts unlacing the shirt, still holding her eyes. She wants to fend him off but he catches her arms, speaking softly "Shhh... it's all right, little bird", lifting her hands to his lips, kissing first one, than the other. Her body fails her, all strength draining from it, shivers running down her spine, heat in her belly. "There..." he places her hands by her side again, stroking her arms up to her shoulder, lightly touches her face with just one finger before running his hands along her shoulder blades and waist to the lower rim of the shirt.
All the while his eyes hold hers, his smile deepening as she's trebling under his touch, no hiding any reaction from his gaze. He grabs the shirt and pulls it up over her head his fingers touching her naked skin underneath as the hands move up. Shiomi cannot help but bending forward, bowing down, tears in her eyes, her mind dissolved in incoherrent shreds of thoughts. He slips the shirt of, pulling her close, embracing her holding her tight his left hand stroking her hair. Kincaid inhales deeply, "ahh..." he murmers, "...breathe Shiomi." She sucks in air, breathes, shudders, her body aflame, her skin alight. She can smell his skin, his wet shirt cool on her exposed breasts she reaches her arms around his waist, clings to him, sobbing.
"Yes... " tightly holding her with both arms, moving them slightly rubbing her back, Kincaid's lips are on her neck, kissing her, tasting her, whispering in her ear so faintly she can barely hear it above the rushing noise of the waterfall, "... you are mine."

Shiomi forces herself to breath deeply, her sobbing subsides, she's still trembling slightly, a deep burning in her belly. He reaches down to her buttocks, pushes her close to him, her legs spreading wide as he presses her pelvis against his abdomen. Clasping her neck with the other hand he grips her hard, holding his breath for a while, then exhaling slowly, the hand on her neck relaxing, caressing her naked back he places her right onto the edge of the rock still pinning her to his center. Her loins are aflame she feels his breath on her ear, his strong grip in her neck he lifts her head from his shoulder.
"Look ..." Kincaid's voice hoarse, tense, urgent. "Open your eyes ... i want to see you."
She obeys, staring wide eyed submitting to his gaze, he smiles, closer his face, his lips touch hers, still looking he opens her mouth gently with his tongue, holding her head as she saggs her body melting. Slowly savouring her lips he closes the kiss. "Hmmmm... you are delicious," his voice rough he captures her lips again and again, softly touching, lingering and breaking again. "Come on, look... "

Hesitantly Shiomi looks into his grey eyes, feels his coarse fingers touching her cheek, his large hand on her butt, that still presses her against his middle. "Please..." it's difficult to find her voice.
"Please?" he smiles broadly, fingers sliding down from her cheek along her neck... she's trying hard to concentrate... fingers down her sternum ...
"Please, don't..." finger touching the curve of her bare breast, his lips closing on hers, parting again, grey eyes drinking her gaze, his hand cupping her small breast his skin rough on her softness, a sharp pain as her nipple is squeezed between thumb and forefinger. Sliding further down her belly twitches under his hand, his palm stroking his fingers working on the slender belt that keeps the breeches up.

His mouth close on hers again, his tongue sliding between her lips, she's moaning softly. He loosens the belt, slides it out, the breeches slide down allowing him to touch her thigh. She panics, struggles, pushes him but he snatches her wrists, bends her arms behind her back and holds them there with his right hand, pushing her closer again.
"Shhh... quiet little bird," his left hand grabs her by the hair, thus fixing her head his eyes catching her gaze again. She's lost...
"Please?... Please don't...? what is it you want to beg for?" he lets go of her hair, traces her neck to her chin, fingers wandering lower, his hand cupping her breast afresh, twisting the nipple hard. She bends backwards, her loins press harder against him, she hears her voice cry out in a gasp. Her breast held firm, squezed, she feels moaning rising from her lips, rough sking touching her other breast, squezing, twisting the nipple, then moving up again, encircling her neck, down her sternum, just one finger tracing her bellybutton, lower, reaching the freshly shaven mound of her squirming pelvis pushing lower gaining her center halting. Her body freezes, his eyes pierce her, his rough skin on her moist tender core applying a little pressure. She hears whimpering, a small moan, he smiles broadly, his gaze gentle.

Kincaid's hand between her legs moves slowly, one finger applying pressure on her damp cleave, gently probing. She feels her body disolving with his touch floating, moaning as he traces the folds and swelling of her tender flesh.
"Hmmmm ... they shaved you ... strange, but nice. And he has not had you. Good - you are mine. Aren't you? Tell me, Shiomi."
He's waiting for her to speak, still she has no voice but the soft moaning her eyes still emersed in his, serious his face.
"Go on... tell me!"
His hand moves onto her belly, stroking the soft roundness wandering to her small breasts.
"Please..." her lips move only reluctantly, her tongue slow. Her inner thighs's yearning for his touch.
"Yes... go on"
"Please, don't ... " her face hot as she blushes in sudden realisation of what she was about to say, she halts. "Tell me!" his hand moves back down, she gasps as he touches her slippery softness, his rough skin rubbing her shaven bare flesh, pleasure rippling through her core. "You like me touching you?" He's bending down to her, his lips touching her mouth, his stubble scratching her skin.
"Yes..." flustered she's hoarse, her voice cracks. Bewildered she feels the excitement of speaking that which embarrasses her.
"I can hardly hear you... say it again..." Kincaid releases her arms, rubs her back up to her neck gripping it firmly all the while ever so slowly moving his other hand on her now wet loins. "Go on Shiomi"
"Yes... like you touch... me," she gasps, moaning again softly. "Me like ... please... not halt" The words send shivers down her spine, she leans into his grip on her neck, giving in to her body's yearning.
Big smile on his face his grey eyes drinking her passionate submission, she feels him lifting her up. She wraps her legs around him, the breeches hanging down, baring her buttocks where he is holding her with one hand, squeezing her haunches. Her core pressed against his body almost aching in desire she wrapps her arms around his neck, feeling the muscles of his broad shoulders, pressing her lips on his neck.

He lowers her to another mossy rock bending down to kiss her.