2 - Getting Together

Kincaid moves closer to the wall the girl is climbing down. The base of the creeper plant gives him ample cover. All he has to do is wait. He checks his belt, the leather shackles are within easy reach, ready to be taken off with one hand. He's made sure no metal would be touching her skin, he doesn't want to hurt her. The guard has just come past so they will have a little time now to get out safely. He watches the small shape intently, waiting for the right time to grab her. He knows she'll stay quiet… she always fought silent.

Crouching in the shadow of the plant, watching her slow and quiet descend, Kincaid's mind is in turmoil, his body on fire. 'Calm down, she's just a woman. You've done this before... it'll be like it always is. She'll fight, yeah, this one will and then she'll surrender sweetly. Just make sure you don't get seen. That would be a disaster.' Forcing his attention out into the night he listens to the sounds of the sleeping town, his eyes still locked onto her slender body.

When she's almost down he jumps up to grab her, his left arm around her waist, his right hand clasping her mouth. He holds her hard as she's struggling in panic, dragging her with him to the soft grassy ground, pinning her under his body. After a short struggle, she freezes.

"Shhhh, quiet, little one", he's whispering in her ear. She's like a child in size, so small and fragile. He can smell her, his nose touching her neck. He closes his eyes relishing the feeling of her butt against his belly, it exites him. His eyes closed he breathes her scent, buries his nose in her hair, speaks softly: "I will get you out of here, but you must be quiet." Her body relaxes, she's just lying there now, his hand on her belly moves higher, slowly until it reaches the curve of her small breast, stopps there, his thumb just touching. "Hear me? You must be quiet, there is a guard." She starts shivering, nodding her head as to agree.

Kincaid gradually relieves the pressure on her mouth, turning the clamping hand to stroke her cheek softly, while shifting his body so he doesn't pin her anymore, giving her room to move. She lies still for a short while, still shivering, breathing deeply. As her chest rises he feels her firm breast under the fine silken fabric of the shirt she's wearing. He lifts his thumb just a little higher touching her nipple as if unintendedly, smiling as her body responds to his touch. After a few deep breaths she suddenly turns with a jolt but not to rip free as he fears for a moment. She braces her arms around him, sobbing silently, burying her face in his shoulder.

She's crying...

Confused he holds her tight, rocking her gently whilst listening for the guard's footsteps. 'What the fuck is this ... she never cried before!' He strokes her raggedly cut hair with his right hand, whispering softly: "it's all right, hey ... you did well." His hand moves along her cheek, softly touching her small mouth, stroking back under her chin, lifting it softly so she's facing him. Tears have wetted her face, the brown eyes darker than usual, meeting his for a brief moment before she shakes her head free once more, pressing her face on his shoulder. Her shoulders cramping, she is shaking in his arms, clinging to him. He takes a deep breath, strokes her hair whispering into her ear: "Look, we have to move before the guard comes back. I'll carry you, that might confuse the dogs. They have track hounds so you mustn't touch the ground. Do you understand."

He speaks slowly, not wanting to confuse her.

She nods her head, still shaking, holding on to him with her strength that never ceases to amaze him. He shifts his body to lift her up and gets on his feet. She wraps her arms around his neck, placing her head on top of his shoulder, her breath on his cheek. She's light, so he has no difficulty holding her with one arm while unfastening a leather pouch from one of the rings on the inside of his cloak. He shakes the bag upside down, carefully distributing a white powder. As he is moving away from the mansion towards the back garden the powder covers his tracks in the grass. Pepper to confuse the dogs.

3 - Claiming Shiomi